Christine & Thomas
November 2020
(1930s) - Nashville, TN

"If you found your way to this website since you have yet to choose a decorator, event planner or wedding planner, you can stop searching now!  Humble & Joy Events and Lighting is incredibly professional and proficient and delivered an outstanding product for our wedding!  We hired Humble & Joy based on what we also read right here on this site. The reviews were more than accurate, and now my husband and I are leaving our own review to add to all the others. Tiffany of Humble & Joy is the most amazing young woman who has a work ethic that will put your own to shame. She worked tirelessly for us with email responses that were always sent within a very short period of time - usually within minutes if not seconds!  I am not sure what anyone reading this may think, but I will go out on a limb and state that most people planning an event, and especially a 


wedding, want to have good, thorough, consistent and timely communication with their planner. If nothing else, it gives the client piece of mind. At best, it creates a wonderful, creative collaboration between the planner and the client.  Tiffany did just thst for us. She had so many ways to help us create the look we wanted, without sacrificing beauty, at a budget we could stomach!  Ask her for photos of Chrissy and Tom's wedding at the Noelle Hotel in Nashville in November 2020. That was our wedding, and we hired Humble  & Joy based off internet reviews ONLY. We now cannot stop talking about how much Tiffany helped us create the wedding of our dreams (a smaller one than our dreams due to COVID, but it was still a dream come true)!  We hired H&J as our decorator since we had already hired a "month of" wedding planner. I (Chrissy) have years of meeting planning experience, so we did not need a

wedding planner for all the months of planning, want to have good, thorough, consistent and timely communication with their planner. If nothing else, it gives the client piece of mind.


However, Tiffany filled in the gaps for me with her wedding expertise and helped us as if she was our wedding planner! We were so lucky since I have no experience with wedding planning! I mention this since you should go ahead and hire H&J to do your wedding planning overall - have Tiffany handle all aspects of your Big Day including the decor! You will NOT be disappointed. You will be here writing just such a review as this soon enough. You see, customer service is lacking in this day and age sometimes. Tiffany is like a throwback to an earlier era when communication skills were held to a very high standard. Couple that skill of hers with her youthful tech skills, and you will have a huge load lifted as you, the bride and groom, or the event organizer (for business meetings) handle your own tasks related to the wedding/business event. We had all the time we needed to concentrate on creating our wedding website (we highly recommend, our guest list, our invitations, our ceremony details and hiring all our other vendors. You will be in great hands with Tiffany and Humble & Joy! Tiffany is going to help me in 2021 with any business meeting I oversee- so far I have one planned. She is on board as part of the planning team!  Have an amazing wedding/event. Thank you so much once more, Tiffany! We miss you already!"

-Chrissy and Tom, Goodlettsville. TN