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Our Services

Wedding Planner's Desk

Consultation - FREE (up to 1 hr only)

Perfect to meet (via video chat or call) and give knowledge to potential clients on the greatness ahead.

Wedding Table Setup

Rentals Only - prices varies

If you already have your design and layout and need materials only, this is your stop here. Decor, concession & equipment.

Event Planner and Costumer

Event Design - prices varies based on event

It's way more than bringing out vases and chair covers. We dedicate our time to each client's events and their expectations and custom create each event. Like, the chair is slightly turned at each table, pretty detailed right? It makes a difference!

Decorating Wedding Table

Event Management - prices varies based on event

We know it starts to get a bit ruff once the word gets out about your event. From RSVPs, invitations, deadlines, place cards, guest lists, etc...we got it all covered here, not just the day of, but from the moment you hire us until the day after the event, we're here to keep everything organized.

Cute Planner

Event Planning - prices varies based on event

This includes: budgeting, establishing timelines, selecting and reserving the event sites, acquiring permits, planning food, coordinating transportation, arranging for activities, selecting speakers and keynotes, arranging for equipment and facilities, managing risk, and developing contingency plans.

Vintage Camera

Vendors - prices varies based on event

We have vendors on board that have worked with us for years and through us, there's a discount rate. Cake designers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, hair stylist, makeup artist and more.

Where do you begin?

**labor/staff fees will be added, prices ranges from $20-$100 per hr per staff**

Step 1: Have an estimated guest count and list, afterwards, have a set number (include open spots, for example, you have 60 guests but you'll say 80 for just in case purposes - things change over time) and do not move from that number and create an OVERALL budget (the more guest > the bigger the venue > the more decor > the more money). With us, we have a budget sheet for each section above to go by; however, if you are already set on doing this yourself, we would suggest creat a budget sheet for everything you'll need and setting a budget limit for each and don't go over.

**This will help you not stress throughout nor at the end of how much was spent-BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET - have it**

Step 2: Typically most will already have their colors, theme, and a general idea of the outcome for the event, but have that because when you start researching venues you want one that's going to match your vibe. The venue that matches closest to your vibe, the less decor that has to be added. After that, start researching venues that will accommodate MORE than your estimated guest count. For example, if you have 80 guests, get a venue that will accommodate 100 (this will include extra guests that may be added towards the end plus: DJ, catering, dance floor, photographer, etc...) You don't want a cramped space.

Step 3: We as event planners understand DIYs, but especially for weddings, it can become overwhelming quickly (just at step 1). In this step, I would suggest starting by inquiring about event planners and what they offer. If you're needing everything done, we would suggest a one-stop-shop company that will handle everything from top to bottom.

Step 4: If you choose to go with an event planner, enjoy the smooth ride of having to do NOTHING (depending on the services they offer). If you choose to do it yourself, our advice is to gather as many hands as possible that are dependable and most importantly HUMBLED & JOYFUL for your event!

**with us, we will have your event done 1 month prior to the event date, leaving room for any changes to occur, we highly suggest do not wait until the last minute. 2 weeks prior in the event world, is considered last-minute**

Helpful insights...

40" Round Tables:

Sit 6 comfortably, 8 tight

Mid-length (shows table legs): 90" round

Floor-length (cover table legs): 108" round

Puddle-length: 120" round





60" Round Tables:  

Sit 8 comfortably, 10 tight

Covers a bit off the top (shows table legs): 90"

Mid-length (shows table legs): 108" round

Floor-length (cover table legs): 120" round

Puddle-length: 132" round

72" Round Tables:  

Sit 10 comfortably, 12 tight

Covers the top (shows table legs): 90"

Covers a bit off the top (shows table legs): 108" round

Mid-length (cover table legs): 120" round

Floor-length: 132" round

4ft Rectangle Tables:  

Sit 4 (no ends), 6 (including ends)

Flood-length: 102"

6ft Rectangle Tables:

Sit 6 (no ends), 8 (including ends) 

Mid-length (shows table legs): 102"

Floor-length: 132"

Puddle: 156"

8ft Rectangle Tables:

Sit 8 (no ends), 10 (including ends) 

Mid-length (shows table legs): 126"

Floor-length: 156"

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